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ArpaWare Awarded As Top 10 SDN Solution Providers in UK 2019

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 ArpaWare was awarded as one of the top 10 SDN Solution providers in the UK along with tech giants such as Cisco and Ericsson

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ArpaWare was granted an SDN Patent in US 2018

ArpaWare filed a patent related to one of its SDN based products for service providers in 2017 and the patent was granted from US Patent Office in 2018. This patent explains in unique invention method for providing IPOE (IP Over Ethernet) using SDN technologies and low-cost bare metal hardware for service providers. This technology was invented by ArpaWare and was implemented for one of the customers prior to filing. 

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ArpWare Builds an OpenSource Networking Course for Linux Foundation 2018

WIth increase of number of OpenSource Networking projects that are hosted by Linux Foundation, there was a need for creating a training course to cover all the Open Source projects and tools.

ArpaWare was awarded to build a training course for Linux Foundation and also appointed as Linux Foundation Training Partner for networking. 

The Course LFS165x was designed and built by ArpaWare for Linux Foundation and all the supporters of SDN around the work. 

This course not only coveres the SDN and Open DayLight but also the other networking technologies such as NFV, high performance on-host networking, Kubernetes and networking for containers.

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ArpaWare in Partnership with Packt Publishing, Publishes A Foundation SDN Book Named Learning Open DayLight  in 2017

We published the Learning Open DayLight book mainly to help the industry and university students to learn about Software Defined Networking concepts and especially the Open DayLight controller. This book is one of the very few resources about the SDN programming. 

This book covers the foundation of SDN , OpenFlow, Building applications on top of Open Day Light and concepts of networking in Cloud Data Centers.

This book is also available in Amazon (ISBN : 9781782174523 )

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