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IntelliNet is a product designed for service providers which builds and manages a network of bare metal switches and CPEs over SDN.  The main use case of this product is for service providers that are willing to unleash the benefits of SDN and looking to cut their costs and avoid using PPOE technologies for their customer base. IntelliNet is a robust, resilient SDN controller with dedicated agent software on transit switches which eventually provides an intelligent network fully integrated to ISP accounting software.

IntelliNet currently only supports APIs with no web interface

IntelliNet uses ArpaWare's  US10110551B1 patent.

EVPN Analyzer

EVPN Analyzer is patent pending tool built on top of SNAS network analytics. 

EVPN Anslyzer adds EVPN analysis capabilities to SNAS and provides insights and big data analysis platform for enterprises looking for unleash their EVPN network. 

EVPN Analyzer can help enterprises to 

1) Predict capacity issues

2) Predict problems

3) Predict link utilization

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