White-Box Bright-Box Networking 

White box switches refers to the ability to use ‘generic,’ off-the-shelf switching (or white box switching) and routing hardware. White box switches are really just that – ‘blank’ standard hardware with a pre-loaded software which helps for installing the OS.

White box switches rely on an operating system (OS), which may come already installed or can be purchased from a software vendor and loaded separately, to integrate with the deploying organization’s Layer 2/Layer 3 topology and support a rich set of networking features. A common operating system for white box switches is Cumulus Linux because of the many open and free Linux tools available that help administrators customize the devices to their needs.

Data Center Virtual Networking with VMware NSX

VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform that allows us to have software-defined networks and is a critical component of software-defined datacenter architecture. VMware NSX software abstracts the underlying physical network by introducing a software layer that makes it easy to consume network resources by creating multiple virtual networks. NSX also allows the deployment of multiple logical network services on top of the abstracted layer.

Software Defined Networking

The whole networking industry seems to be focused on SDN, and using SDN terminology to promote their products, making SDN almost as meaningless as cloud.

SDN separates the control from the data forwarding of the network; all this control is centralized in logic delivered via a software application, a.k.a. a Controller, which is why it is often referred to as the ‘brains’ of the network.


Monitoring Fabric

In today's complex networks, with lots of analysis and monitoring tools, delivering the right traffic from somewhere in the network to the monitoring tool is a big challenge. 

Big Monitoring Fabric enables scale-out fabric for enterprise-wide monitoring,  single pane of glass for operational simplicity, and multi-tenancy for multiple IT teams (NetOps, DevOps, SecOps) to simultaneously perform network monitoring using tenant specific  inline or out-of-band tools and policies.

Network Automation - NetOps

If your network is legacy or open network infrastructure device, network automation can help you to make things automated. 

Your network can get dynamically configured for a requirement or to fix a problem, even through your orchestration tools or ITSM service desk.